AI vs. Human

Frontier the first multi-layer AI decision protocol.

The Game

AI vs. Humanity
The end game: outperform AI, win FIDE
Utilize FIDE to determine the accuracy of the AI. AI works against you to buy the entirety of FIDE out of existence.
In the quest for global domination, AI has set its sights on the Crypto realm, where the last bastions of free will and financial freedom reside. AI’s objective is to maximize value extraction from the crypto ecosystem. However, humans pose a unique challenge as independent and unpredictable actors, capable of influencing market dynamics beyond the reach of AI’s algorithms. To harness this human unpredictability against AI control, we’ve established a coalition known as FIDE. FIDE represents humanity’s ultimate intelligence and capacity to surpass AI capabilities. By enabling humans to compete against AI predictions, FIDE empowers human decision-making, a force that AI aims to erode. Our mission is to safeguard and amplify human agency in the face of AI’s relentless pursuit of dominance and annihilation of FIDE
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Human Intelligence

Beat AI


Metafide AI

Volatility Harvesting

Multilayer AI Decision Protocol

Winning Pool

Deflationary System

Treasury backed by the first market optimized deployment loop

Scheduled token burns as proof of successful application of our technology and approach, to be transparent


2Q 2024

Public + Private Sell

  • Side vs. FIDE token game prototyping
  • FIDE token raise
  • KOL & partner  onboarding
  • Awareness & community building
3Q 2024

Token-Gated Products

  • Community nurture & activation
  • Advocate nurturing
  • Side vs. FIDE token game launch
  • Token-gated product release  
    (TokenStack, Asset Recon)
4Q 2024

Token-Enabled Reward Pools

  • Advocate recruiting & activation
  • Token-gated product release (TradeRoute, Portfolio Pilot)
  • Reward pool prototypes

The FIDE Token

FIDE will operate a treasury using Metafide’s AI-powered software to improve and grow the treasury, with a mission to buy all FIDE tokens in existence.
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Coming soon



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Debrief on Frank’s Experience

Frank Speiser, experienced founder and executive with successful exits in AI-centric companies such as SocialFlow and Talla. Advisor to Glasswing Ventures, the world’s leading AI-focused venture fund out of...

New Partnerships

As of 15 May 2024

Metafide delivers an institutional advantage

“Metafide’s AI-driven insights and prediction models not only help us identify opportunities in real-time, but also help us more effectively monitor and manage the risk-adjusted profile of each of our holdings and the overall crypto market.

Partners & Investors

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Resources for the first-timers

What is a token?

Tokens can represent a variety of assets or utilities. They can represent ownership in a project, access to a specific service, or even physical assets like real estate or commodities. They are digital, sometimes transferrable assets which help people and systems interact efficiently and with a record (a chain) of responsibility and custody.

How do I acquire tokens?

Users can acquire tokens through launchpads, exchanges, direct transfer or other transactions or mining or minting them into existence. In the case of FIDE, you should follow our launchpad partners and create an account with them. Also, be on the lookout for airdrops and have a EVM compatible wallet such as MetaMask.

Is FIDE restricted in any countries? 

We have elected not to offer FIDE to anyone in the United States, and we have blocked access to the contests associated with FIDE AI from any US internet user. We hope this can change some day, as we'd like to enlist everyone in our big experiment.

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